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HARLIS - Night Meets the Day (Digipack) Artikelnummer: Sireena2055
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Dieses Album von 1977 bedeutet eine mittlere Sensation. Nicht nur, dass es sich hier um eine lupenreine Rockoper handelt, diese wurde auch im damals revolutionären Kunstkopf-Verfahren aufgenommen, also brilliantes Hörvernügen in 3 D. Leider war es für die Band um ex-JANE Charly Maucher und Wolfgang Krantz auch die letzte Produktion als HARLIS. Danach löste sich die Band auf. Wolfgang Krantz kam knapp zwei Jahre später mit dem wunderbaren Album von EFFENDI's GARDEN wieder.

In winter 1976/77 Harlis went back into the studio to recorde their most ambitious project. A concept album that included a pirate story. The band did not rest on the success of her debut album "Harlis" (CD Sireena 2050) out, but had collected enough material to start the production. Inspired by such famous authors as Brecht and Stevenson the result was the pirate-rock opera "Night Meets The Day". The central location of the exemplary embellished story is a lonely lighthouse island in the ocean, which left the main character, a sailor, wife and children for a life at sea, helping to wealth. With the lights out, the ship ran aground, the sailor and his crew, escaped convicts, still only needed to collect the treasures. So our brave sailor became the king of the pirates who moved with his ships on the seas, fighting with other pirates and eventually returned with his Lady back to the island, where it already expected the Spanish Armada and devastating hit. With the last notes of this wonderful disk drives our continued sailor on the waves. Open end.
With this production Harlis had scored a real hit. The album was recorded with the new artificial head technique, which allows the listener while wearing headphones, to hear the music in three dimensions. Despite great popularity the band split up in 1978.

Tracking: Night Meets The Day / Shipwrecked Stranded/ Ruler Of The Island / King Of The Pirates / Narrow Escape / The Last Sea Battle / Endless Sea

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