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Top Angebot Meditation for the production of Tsatsas
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By Damchos Rinchen Rinpoche and Susa Nientiedt, 20 sites, (black and white).
ISBN: 978-3-940197-19-1

The process of molding Tsatsas is a meditation of action.
Tsatsas are traditional half-reliefs, that represent Buddha-forms, stupas or other auspicious symbols. They depict the enlightened qualities of our mind and are used as a mean on our way to enlightenment. When producing or looking at Buddha-aspects in the form of tsatsas, a positive feedback is created in our mind. The good impressions in our mind, which arise from the casting of the tsatsa forms, are increased by the mantras, which one can think or recitate while producing it.
This booklet contains the traditional meditation and explanations.

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