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NATTEFROST "Absorbed in Dreams and Yearning" *** Limited Edition - White Vinyl *** Artikelnummer: SIR4038
Preis pro LP EUR 17.90 inkl. gesetzl Mwst. zzgl. Versandkosten

Finally available on vinyl! Nun auch auf Vinyl erhältlich!
Contemporary electronic music with vintage elements!

Nattefrost is a project by Danish musician Bjørn Jeppesen. "Absorbed In Dreams And Yearning" is his second solo-album that has been first released on CD in 2006! On this album, Jeppesen cleverly mixes influences from the Berlin School with ambient sounds that have a certain "Scandinavian" feeling.
Jeppesen’s music is based on nice and quite easily accessible sequencer lines that frame his music.
The first track "The Battle That Lasted Eternally" already clearly shows his capabilities with a fine and soft sequencer track. The album has some long tracks (well, if eleven minutes is "long" in electronic music!), as well as a number of short pieces.
"Through Clear And Frosty Nights" and the title track are Bjørn’s most retro-sounding compositions on the album with great sequencer patterns and soloing. The melody at the end of the title track is great.
In "Valhal" the mix between Berlin School and ambient can be heard well. But, as is the fact on the whole of the album, the accessibility stays in tact and this combination is nicely done.
Now this great album is released on vinyl for the very first time. It comes in a limited edition of 300 copies in white vinyl.


Side One
01 The Battle that lasted eternally
02 Where the Gods are watching
03 Through clear and frosty Nights
04 Visions of a pale Moon

Side Two
01 Valhal
02 Descending from the Stars
03 Absorbed in Dreams and Yearning
04 The Northern Lights

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